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Things We Love - Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty

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In our continuous quest for fun and innovative products, we found one that we are very excited about, Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty. It’s going to be hard to list all of the great features that Thinking Putty has to offer, but here goes:

We always like tactile toys, something that you can really play with in your hands, either idly just to keep your hands busy, or something that gets you thinking as you meld, mold and push it around. Thinking Putty can be therapeutic, a stress ball, a squeeze toy, or, use it as a toy. Thinking Putty is silicone based so it will never dry out or crumble like other clay based putties. So why the container? The container will help to keep it free of dust, dirt, or hair, and – it is a cool metal tin.

See it in our online store.

It is a creative toy and nothing is better than toys that fuel creativity and imagination. The Thinking Putty Mixed by Me Kits allow you to create your own custom-colored Thinking Putty. Each kit includes five tins of clear putty, three concentrated color putties, three special effect putties, and an instructional mat—everything you’ll need to make cool Thinking Putty colors that are all your own! Plus, Thinking Putty will never dry out so you can play with your new toy forever.

Thinking Putty is Made in the USA! This isn’t just about patriotism; there are some key benefits when products are made in the USA, particularly for toys. When made in the USA, toys must meet standards set by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, protecting you and your children from toxins and other health risks. Add to that the additional benefits of a reduced carbon footprint, EPA regulations that protect the environment, buying local effects on communities and better labor practices (The creator and manufacturer provides employment opportunities for differently-abled people, employing over 500 special needs employees in the manufacturing process.) Made in the USA is a shortcut to feeling good about the purchase you have made.

We’re very excited to offer Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty.  Just look for the video in the window when you walk by. We have the small tins, a perfect trial size, favor size, or motivational gift to award that extra effort. We also have larger tins and the Mixed by Me Kits to encourage experimentation and creativity. But once you see our selection, we are sure you won’t be able to stop with just one tin. The hardest part will be choosing from all the different varieties that we have in stock.

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