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At Through the Moongate and Over the Moon Toys, we have always liked to feature local artists. There are many different types of art but we have a unique one that we have been featuring in our store for some time now. Local artist Dave Bell has created a two hot sauces and a dry version that can be sprinkled onto food.

His sauce, aptly called Smoky Disturbance, is a small batch condiment that has delightful flavors and plenty of capsaicin. Smoky Disturbance is made from peppers that Dave Bell grows, dries, lightly smokes, and carefully grinds and then expertly mixes with pomegranate molasses. It can be described as a perfect balance of smoky, fruity, sweet, and salty. Smoky Disturbance is available either mild or hot.

Capsaicin Magma Powder is a dry version meant for sprinkling. Dave combines the ground chilies with a coarse gray French sea salt, sel gris. 

We also have Magma Nuts which are a lip-smacking combination of walnuts, almonds, cashews, and peanuts with garlic, rosemary, and spicy Magma Powder. You won't be able to stop eating them.

Smoky Disturbance, Magma Powder, and Magma Nuts are among the Moonladies favorites. Click here and check out this article by the Gutsy Gourmet to find out more.

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