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Green Toys really are "Green"

Over the Moon Toys is always looking for products that will excite the imagination of children and adults but it’s really exciting when those toys offer something extra.  Continuing our quest for fun and innovative products, we found one that continues to keep us excited, Green Toys. This is one of those products that meets kids and parents expectations and has a lot to offer, so here’s what we like about these toys.

Let’s start with what Green Toys are. Green Toys makes a variety of products but the big favorites at Over the Moon Toys are from their line of vehicles. Helicopter, seaplane, fire truck, submarine, dump truck, the list goes on but doesn’t end there.

Check out the vehicles in stock now here.

They also have a line of kitchen play items: chef set, dish set, tea set, and kitchen themed puzzles.

And then there are the bath and water toys… did I mention the seaplane and tugboat?

I think you get the idea now, they have a wide range of toys that spark play and imagination, but there are quite a few more things that make these toys special.

Green Toys are Made in the USA! This isn’t just about patriotism; there are some key benefits when products are made in the USA, particularly for toys. When made in the USA, toys must meet standards set by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, protecting you and your children from toxins and other health risks. And these are made in California which has standards that are more stringent than the rest of the nation.

With these toys made in California leading to less transportation and less energy equaling a reduced carbon footprint. Add in EPA regulations that protect the environment, the buying local effects on communities and local labor, Made in the USA is a shortcut to feeling good about the purchase you have made.

But that is not all. Green Toys are a local creation and they take great pride in the design of their toys. Working with sustainable, locally sourced raw materials, they avoid glues, screws metal or paint, creating simple yet durable toys with unique details.

Green Toys are made from 100% recycled plastic (keeping this waste out of landfills). The predominant ingredient is plastic milk jugs but recycled yogurt containers may also used . Cleaned, shredded, processed and mixed with mineral based and food safe colorants, they have the ingredients they need for captivating play pieces. When complete, their toys are phthalate, PVC, and BPA free. And the finish is the plastic – no paints or peeling coatings. And their toys float and are dishwasher safe.

And the packaging, also recycled materials with soy based inks.

Check these out in our store or on our website. I’m sure you’ll love them too.

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