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Arts Fest

This Weekend is the highly anticipated Art's Fest! 

From 11:30am - 4:30pm Highland Park's Raritan Ave. will be buzzing with arts, crafts, music, and food - and Through The Moongate hopes to be at the center of it all. 

We will be featuring artists Deb Schmeling; watercolor artist, and Clif Ashcroft; astronomer and photographer. Come help us in our quest to support our local artists who deserve your love!

We we will also be featuring some younger artists in our Annual Youth Art Show. This year's theme was nature, and we are so excited about how some of these up-and-coming Picassos embraced their wild side. 

And we will be having a kid's book signing featuring Danny & Kim Adlerman, authors of "A Toucan Can. Can You?" and "O No, Domino!" and Anita Iaco, author of "Let's Vote!"

We'll see you there!

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