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UFO Victorian Ladies 1000 piece puzzle

UFO Victorian Ladies 1000 piece puzzle

$ 22.00
Kirsten Sevig is the illustrator of our UFO Victorian Ladies Puzzle. This zany combination was inspired while she was working on an illustration of a UFO sighting a few years ago and decided to throw some Victorian UFO ladies into the mix. Kirsten says “when I was approached by eeBoo about creating a Victorian Aesthetic Movement puzzle, I decided to up the ante and add a touch of UFO ladies to the mix. It seemed just crazy enough to work, and thankfully eeBoo loved the idea, too!” If a UFO took Kirsten to another planet, she would hope to find delicious fruits and vegetables. Nature is a big source of inspiration for her, as well as amazing artists from the past!Puzzle: 
Full color insert
  • 1000 pieces
  • Full color insert
  • 23" x 23"

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