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Brick Books

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LEGO builders, rejoice! Celebrated author, Warren Elsmore, offers 40 original, ingenious, and unique buildable projects to make from LEGO pieces in each of these Brick books. Based on the brick selection found in some of LEGO’s Classic series, each project is a great way to test out unusual building techniques or to mix up pieces from existing kits that have already been broken up. Free your inner architect with these fun projects that really get your creative juices flowing. You can follow the instructions to the letter or go off in your own direction—it’s your choice! Many of the designs in these books use fewer than 100 bricks, so you don’t need a lot of bricks to get started. Discover loads fun projects showcasing advanced techniques that are perfect for every LEGO enthusiast. 

About The Author: 
Warren Elsmore
 is a LEGO modeler who has worked with several commercial companies in the United Kingdom, building plastic models to help them visualize their conceptions. As a hobbyist, he is best known for his 13 1/2-foot-long LEGO model of London’s famous St. Pancras railroad station. He is the bestselling author of Brick History, Brick City, Brick Wonders, and Brick Flicks

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