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Party in a Pint Glass

$ 9.99 $ 16.95

Now you can drink beer (or anything else), with an original Trixie & Milo pint glass. Each pint glass comes with a pair of awesome "party dice". One die tells how much to drink, and the other tells you what you need to do. Follow the dice, and get the party going!

Check out these features:

Made in the U.S. of A. (in Oregon).

Each glass holds one pint (16 ounces) of your favorite beverage.

Every glass comes in vintage style gift box (ready to gift).

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Original designs (collect them all!).

Cool "Party Dice" are included with every glass.

P.S. no alcohol, or any other beverage, is included (sorry). You must provide your own beverage.

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