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Vote For Me!

Vote For Me!

$ 9.99

How Governments and Elections Work Around the World

The Ancient Greeks had them. So did the Ancient Romans. And you know what? So do we! What's that, you ask? Governments! Vote for Me explains politics to children and shows them just who is in charge around the world—from presidents and prime ministers to dictators, autocrats, and monarchs. It also answers important questions that kids have, including:

  • What do governments do?
  • How are laws made?
  • What are monarchies, republics, and dictatorships?
  • How do democracies and elections work?


Fun illustrations, interactive panels, and informative sidebars throughout help readers find out what it takes to become a leader—and how to get people to vote for YOU! 

Author, Louise Spilsbury; Illustrated by Mike Gordon

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