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To the Land of the Dinosaurs Papercraft

To the Land of the Dinosaurs Papercraft

$ 12.99
Creative kids can stretch their imaginations to the limit with this exciting craft and activity series. Who needs a smartphone or tablet when you've got paper? A wealth of craft ideas will have children folding, cutting, constructing, and customizing wildly imaginative projects. Create a dinosaur model, Triceratops face, dinosaur landscape, and more. Discover more fun activities:
  • Make It: including models to press out and build, pop-ups to construct, and step-by-step origami projects
  • Wear It: including facemasks and other accessories to cut out, personalize, and model
  • Send It: stationery to press or cut out and customize, including post cards
  • Play It: board games and other ideas for creative play that get friends and family in on the fun


Paperplay includes over 150 reusable stickers to customize everything you make. Create in a few minutes or take all day葉here's always something fun to do here! 

Author, Melanie Hibbert

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