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The Love Declaration 500 piece puzzle

The Love Declaration 500 piece puzzle

$ 24.95

This tender painting portraying true love, is by Carl Strathmann (1866 - 1939) an Art Nouveau painter from Munich, Germany. His work is reliant on an ornate style, and meticulous attention to detail that is applied to fairy-tale caricature figures. His work is known for having beautifully intricate designs, for being quirky and fun, while bordering on the fantastical.

Each puzzle includes a high quality print, a resealable bag, and a box-top stand.

Art & Fable Puzzles feature working artists. Their puzzles have an appealing texture with a no glare finish. A&F puzzles, the boxes, and inserts are made from recycled paper and are fully recyclable. 

Puzzles dimensions 18.90"X13.4" 480mmX340mm

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