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Scrambled States of America - Deluxe Edition

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Oh no! All of the states have gotten themselves completely scrambled and lost! Florida is stuck in a blizzard up north! Maine has been stranded in the Gulf of Mexico for days! - Do you have the good 'ol American know-how to sort them all out and get them all home?
Pass five state cards out to each player and then place the scramble cards and the rest of the state cards face down in two piles on the table.
It's time to start sorting!
On your turn, flip over one of the scramble cards to reveal either a find-it card or a go the distance card.

Find It Cards: Each of these cards are printed with a description. "Is orange" - "Shares a boarder with Tennessee" - "Capital has a person's name hidden in it"
If one of your state cards matches that description - Quick! Yell it out! The first to do so gets to send that state to their "home" pile!
Go the Distance Cards: When this card is drawn, flip over the top card of the states pile. Quick! Everybody must search their states to find one that's geographically the closest to the one that was just flipped over.
The player with the closest state gets to send BOTH their state and the one that was just flipped over to their "home" pile.

You have to think quick and be lucky if you want to claim the title of "head of state."
Once the entire state deck is depleted, everybody counts up the cards in their "home" piles. The player with the most states wins!

Memorizing the locations and characters of all fifty United States can be tough. With the Scrambled States of America Game, it's not just easy, it's FUN!

The Scrambled States of America Game
  • Whimsical, mad-dashing geography game for learning about the United States of America
  • Encourages memory skills, geography skills
  • A brilliantly fun and easy way to memorize the geography of the U.S.A.
  • Match a state to the description on a Scramble Card first to send it to your Home pile
  • "Go the Distance" and find a state's closest neighbor - Send both states to your Home pile
  • State cards printed with state's name, picture, capital, nickname
  • Game ends when State Card Deck is depleted - Player with most cards in their Home pile wins
  • Includes 50 State Cards, 50 Scramble Cards, 4 U.S. Maps
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • High quality materials for lasting durability and enjoyment
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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