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River Crossing

$ 19.99
Magnetic Plank Puzzle
Can the Hiker cross the river without getting up close and personal with gators, snakes and piranha? Move the planks among the tree stumps to help our hero across! 

This innovative new brainteaser is as challenging as they come, and the jungle adventure theme makes it compelling to play. 40 Beginner-to-Expert challenge cards show where to place stumps and planks to start each game, and a magnet in our Hiker's feet make moving the planks a snap. Getting all the way across...that won't be so easy!
Ages 8 and up
Single player
  • 40 Challenge Cards and Solutions
  • 1 Game Grid
  • 5 Planks, 20 Tree Stumps
  • 1 Magnetic Hiker
  • Instructions
  • Travel Bag

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