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Ranglin' Rabbits

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Rabbits just don't make good herd animals, and when you try to wrangle them, you're going to find them hiding, hopping, and... snoozing?

Those sleeping bunnies are easy to nab. Just set them back inside the fence--but beware, moving them wakes them up and sends them hopping again! 

This means that with every roll of the action dice, you'll be in danger of losing all those hopping bunnies. The action dice gives you options to wrangle sleeping bunnies, flick (or herd) the hopping bunnies closer to the pen, and also to rebuild the fences. You also get a chance to re-roll a hidden rabbit in the hopes of sending it running or making it fall asleep.

In this cooperative game (every player is working toward the same goal), you get points for every bunny you can herd back into the pen before the fourth fence is re-set. So you and your partners will want to weigh carefully the risk of losing more bunnies versus cutting off your wrangling a little early and leaving some bunnies still hiding.

It's a game of strategy, probability, and luck, with no reading required, and lots and lots of bunnies! 

Ranglin' Rabbits
  • A cooperative dice rolling, rabbit collection game
  • Encourages strategy, understanding of probability, cooperative play
  • Drop all 10 rabbit dice over the fences to see what your bunnies are doing
  • Use the Action Die to move sleeping bunnies, flick awake bunnies, get a chance to find hiding bunnies
  • Every time you wrangle a rabbit, you have the choice to re-set a fence
  • Includes 10 rabbit dice, 1 Action die, 4 fences with stands

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