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Plui Rain Ball

$ 14.99

A rain ball for bath or pool - Plui is one unique little creature. The popular Pluï Rainball has been redesigned so it easily opens up for cleaning. The lower half in elastic silicone rubber is wonderful to touch and offers exciting new play possibilities. Pluï encourages children to experiment and explore while stimulating their imagination and senses. 

BPA-free, phthalate-free, latex-free

Immerse Plui in water to fill him up and then plug your finger over the top hole as you raise it up high.
Lift your finger from the nozzle and water falls like rain. The only difference - You get to control the downpour!

Plui stimulates the senses and discovery of basic physical principles.


  • A rain ball for fun play in bath or pool
  • Stimulates the senses, encourages interest in physical properties
  • Immerse Plui in water to fill, cover nozzle, raise high above the water
  • Lift a finger from the nozzle and water rains out!
  • Design-centric fun for the bath
  • Fun for a wide range of ages
  • Fully safety tested, highly durable

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