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Magic Tricks

$ 4.99

A magical mix of some of the most famous tricks.

Magic Cups and Balls: Balls magically penetrate a cup twice, jump from one cup to another and fly from your pocket to the cup.

Magic Exploding Dice: Put a large dice into the magic case, give it one quick shake and the dice explodes into eight small dice.

Magic Pencil Slicer: A very clever magic trick! The pencil can instantly be sliced into three, with three cut pieces clearly visible. Then the magician can reverse the action and the pencil is made whole again.

Magic Numbers: This little box includes two fantastic number tricks – one performed with cards and one with special sticks.

Magic Rope Trick: This little box contains a very clever rope trick! Spectators can see the rope instantly sliced in two, with the cut ends clearly visible – then the magician reverses the action and the rope is fully restored. Wow!

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