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Calico Critters Kitchen Play Set

$ 19.99 $ 24.99

Kitchen Play Set includes a double-door, three-drawer refrigerator with a freezer compartment, stove unit, and sink unit. Includes cooking utensils, ingredients, and other small accessories that can be stored in the kitchen cabinet and drawers.

Sink Unit, Drawers, Food Storage Space, Stove Unit, Frying Pan, Pot, Pot Lid, Cutting Board, Spatula, Ladle, Wooden Spatula, Kitchen Knife, Seasoning Container x2, Seasoning Container Lid x2, Cup x2, Baking Dish x2, Refrigerator, Ice Cube x2, Ice Scoop, Apple, Cucumber, Paprika, Plastic Bottle, Milk Carton, Eggs, Paper Packs x7 (a total of 37 pieces)

•Critters sold separately
•Many ingredients can be stored in the 4 compartments of the refrigerator
*Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children 
*Suitable for ages three years and above

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