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Watchitude Watches

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Watchitude is a great way for parents to teach their kids how to tell time. Each Watchitude is built to last, made with a quality analog quartz movement, waterproof, with durable zinc alloy casing, using a standard and replaceable 1 year battery.

The band is a slap band, made of 100% virgin white silicone, certified safe and completely lead-free, and in compliance with California prop 65 safety guidelines. It is also a thick and comfortable band, and very easy for kids of all ages to put them on, including people with some physical challenges, as there are no small buckles to navigate.

Watchitudes come in a very cool artistic, dynamic and intriguing gift box, with a raised bubble, unique texture, and each unique watch design printed all over the box. They make a great gift for birthdays and holidays, for your children, grandchildren, and all the kids that are special to you.

Watchitudes are true collectables that are fun and exciting, and lets kids of all ages express their attitude!


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