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Great Lives Book Series

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The Great Lives series helps children learn about some of the most exciting men and women who have ever lived and present it in a way that they’ll actually enjoy! Each book follows the lives of scientists, artists, and activists that made enormous contributions to the world. Following these people from their early childhood days right up until their most extraordinary achievements, kids will discover the many incredible ways that they have impacted our world.

Marie Curry, A Graphic History of the World's Most Famous Female Scientist
Agnieszka Biskup, Illustrated by Sonia Leong

Albert Einstein, A Graphic History of the Father of Modern Physics
Ned Hartley, Illustrated by Tom Humberstone

Leonardo da Vinci, A Graphic History of the "Renaissance Man"
Tammy L. Enz, Illustrated by Dave Shephard

Martin Luther King, Jr., A Graphic History of America's Great Civil Rights Leader
Rachel Ruiz, Illustrated by Fiona W. Dunn and Sarah Skeate

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