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Fire Roasted Warrior's Yaupon Tea

Fire Roasted Warrior's Yaupon Tea

$ 14.95

Our eco tubes contain 16 natural fiber yaupon tea sachets.

Ingredients: 100% fire-roasted yaupon.

Florida's native timucua people recognized the strength and clarity this “black drink” provided during their meetings, rituals, and battles. Sweet and smoky, boosting your energy and focus, our organic Yaupon is the perfect addition to your daily ritual.

Co-founders Bryon and Kyle White reintroduced the Yaupon Holly into commerce. Yaupon is a growing american agribusiness with a bright future. We create good products from the natural environment around us. Yaupon Tea is delicious, healthy, stimulating and North America's only native caffeinated plant, packed full of healthy antioxidants. A close relative to the Yerba Mate and Guayusa, Yaupon is America's answer to coffee and tea. Quite possibly the perfect beverage for our culture and time. Yaupon Brothers Teas are grown in Central Florida and proudly certified 100% USDA Organic.

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