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Meadowland Syrup: Tanager Strawberry Basil

Meadowland Syrup: Tanager Strawberry Basil

$ 15.00

This Oregon-made, handcrafted simple syrup is a delightful addition to lemonade or a vodka cocktail. This blend was inspired by summer gardens, climbing fences, and falling asleep in fresh-cut grass. •

Tasting Notes: a first summer strawberry, a warm breeze and fresh basil. •

Ingredients: pure cane sugar, water, Oregon strawberries, fresh basil, cream of tartar •

236 ml (8 FL. OZ) of magical goodness! Non-GMO, no artificial colors.

Once opened, keep refrigerated for optimum freshness. ​

Meadowland is a collaboration between Katie Daisy and Kathy Irwin, based out of Bend, Oregon. Both work together to develop unique and delicious flavors that are deeply inspired by Katie's rural upbringing on the prairie. They hope their simple syrups conjure feelings of joy, wonder, and warm memories of summers past. 

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