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Bebe's All Natural Chana Masala

Bebe's All Natural Chana Masala

$ 8.95

This Vegan, Gluten free Masala recipe is often used with chick peas AKA garbanzo beans. Widely loved and used Gravy/Sauce, Originating from The Northern Region of India.  Other uses:

- Simmer Sauce with Meats or Vegetables, to create authentic Indian Dishes.

- Marinate Meats in it, add to spice up, Soups and stews,

- With Leftovers, Spice up Quesadillas and Tacos,

- On Pizza, Over Noodles, On Burgers, Hot Dogs or as a Dip with Nacho's, Cracker's or Pita.

Nt. Wt. 8oz/225 grams.

Mild- Start with smaller amount to adjust to taste, and spice level.

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