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A Whole Bunch of Feelings

A Whole Bunch of Feelings

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There are lots of great feelings like happiness, surprise, and excitement, and then there are feelings that are upsetting, like sadness, anger, and frustration. But there are lots of other feelings, too! What does it mean to feel blah? What does it mean to feel skittish? We need to be able to identify our feelings so that we know what to do with them when we have them. When you have happy feelings, you should enjoy them! When you have a problem feeling, you should know how to solve the problem, too. No matter how you're feeling, your feelings always belong to you. So... let's get ready to explore all of our feelings!

Moore-Mallinos and Mazali explores 44 different emotions through scenarios involving a multiracial cast of cartoonlike characters. A boy looks solemnly out the window at the rain: “I was so disappointed when my best friend and I planned to go to the park but we couldn’t go because a big thunderstorm came”; he and his friend find a fun, indoor activity to do instead. For each emotion, Moore-Mallinos encourages readers to reflect on their own experiences. Part of understanding emotions is also recognizing them in others, she suggests. An older sister watches her baby brother sleeping: “Warm clothes and a full belly make my brother feel content. He has everything he needs, plus a lot of love. What makes you feel content?” It’s a constructive toolbox for recognizing and articulating emotions.

Ages 5–8

 Authors, Jennifer Moore-Mallinos and Gustavo Mazali

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