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Birth of a Dream 500 piece puzzle

Birth of a Dream 500 piece puzzle

$ 24.95

Illustrator Maria Brzozowska takes a poetic approach to art: interpretation is left to the viewer and is influenced by their own experiences. Viewers glean the essence, rather than being given straightforward information. 

“My aim is to empower my audience as active storytellers,” she says. “It’s very valuable for me when my audiences are able to relate to my illustrations and create or find pieces of their own stories. It’s like an invisible connection between us.”

The Ankara-based artist and book illustrator describes her art as a merging point of fantasy and reality—what she calls magical realism.

Each puzzle includes a high quality print, a resealable bag, and a box-top stand.

Art & Fable Puzzles feature working artists. Their puzzles have an appealing texture with a no glare finish. A&F puzzles, the boxes, and inserts are made from recycled paper and are fully recyclable. 

Puzzles dimensions 18.90"X13.4" 480mmX340mm

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