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Compound It All! The compound word building game

$ 29.99

By Kim and Danny Adlerman

Simple to learn, difficult to master!

Compound It All! is a compound word building card game that will expand your vocabulary, critical thinking skills, and even your math skills. This unique word-building card game can be used in the classroom, but is equally fun to play with friends and family.

Compound It All:

• Quickly and easily builds vocabulary
• Demonstrates in an accessible way how compound words work
• Offers multiple difficulty levels, making it great for differentiated instruction
• Can be played by both children and adults, and is equally enjoyable for all
• Expands to nine decks of varied difficulty levels, which can be used individually or in any combination.
• Teaches not only the concept of compound words but also positive and negative integers
• Makes learning FUN!

Basic game play:
Each player is dealt 5-7 cards depending on number of players and tries to build compound words, using words in their hand, draw & discard piles, and “stealing” words from opponents by making new compound words. Round ends when first person runs out of cards, but winner is determined by which player has the most points. 

From the Edison Metuchen Sentinel: "Couple Hopes New Card Game Generates 'Compound' Interest"

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