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Modern Twist Doileez set of 2

$ 12.99 $ 24.00

Stylish and reusable silicone Doileez to make food presentations special and to protect furniture surfaces. Use them on plates, platters and cake stands or under vases, teapots, and table centerpieces. The food-grade, hand silk-screened silicone doilies are silver and teal on a cleat base. Easy to clean.

Each set includes one mango orange and one chocolate brown 10" Doileez.

All Modern-twist products are made with 100% pure, food-grade silicone that is European & FDA compliant.

• Silicone is a man-made product made from sand and oxygen.

• It is 100% recyclable at designated recycling plants.

• Due to its pureness, silicone has traditionally been used in the medical industry.

• It is resistant to extreme conditions and temperatures.

• It creates an anti-microbial surface.

What is Silicone? : Silicone is a chemical polymer derived through a heating and refining process from the element silicon--which is more commonplace than you might realize. In fact, the sand on the beach is made from a combination of silicon and oxygen called silica.