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A Toucan Can Can You? - Through the Moongate and Over the Moon Toys

A Toucan Can Can You?

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A Toucan Can

by Danny Adlerman and friends

illustrated by Lindsay Barrett George, Ashley Wolff, Demi, Ralph Masiello, Wendy Anderson Halperin, Megan HalseyKevin Kammeraad, Pat Cummings, Dar (Hosta),Leeza Hernandez, Christee Curran-Bauer, Kim Adlerman, Symone Banks

Music by Jim Babjak

For a quick look at the talent behind A Toucan Can, check out the following files: Toucan_artists1.jpg and Toucan_artists2.jpg.

The Kids at Our House (Spring 2016)

8 3/8" X 9 5/8"

Interest Level: Grades 1 - 5         Reading Level: Grades 1 - 5


"A Toucan Can Can You?" is a collection of tongue twisters made of compound words illustrated by multiple talented children's book artists and orchestrated into delightful music for added fun and enjoyment. Including a book and a CD, "A Toucan Can Can You?" follows such earlier Adlerman Books as "How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck?" and "Oh No, Domino!" A list of contributing illustrators include Lindsay Barrett George, Megan Halsey, Ashley Wolff, Demi, Ralph Masiello, Wendy Anderson Halperin, Kevin Kammeraad, Pat Cummings, Dar (Hosta), Leeza Hernandez, Christee Curran-Bauer, Kim Adlerman, and Symone Banks. Music was composed by Jim Babjak. The story begins with a Note to Parents and Teachers explaining the purpose of this delightful book and CD, which is to "make literacy fun through words, pictures, and music." "A Toucan Can Can You" certainly succeeds in its mission, appealing to children ages 6-10, using humor, color, exaggeration, rhyme, art, music, and jokes, even puns! Following the format of "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" a variety of ridiculous questions are asked and answered, with vivid illustrations. Showcasing a wide variety of illustration styles (every riddle has a completely different illustrator with a different style), every riddle page pair gets wilder and funnier. For example, "How much bow could a bowtie tie if a bowtie could tae bo? As much bow as a bow tie could if a bow tie could tae bo!" is illustrated by a human faced blue bow tie who creates stacks and piles of rainbow ribbons into bows! The final title rhyme is best of all: "How much two can a toucan can if a toucan could can two? As much two as a toucan can if a toucan could can two! Can you?" This last is accompanied by the most fantastic of rainforest illustrations in a woodcut outlined style, wonderfully vibrant and bold. The final pages have brief thumbnail sketches and introductions to all the artists and the author and musicians. The final pages present a songsheet with musical notation for the song of "A Toucan Can Can You?" the title song. An addendum explains that throughout the book are scattered lots of pictures of compound words, with a list of most if not all the candidates to hunt for. Children and young readers are encouraged to learn more about types of compound words, and to check out the game "Compound It All!" by Kim and Danny Adlerman, winner of the 2015 Parents' Choice Recommended Award.

—Midwest Book Review

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